After care

We proudly hand print on-demand all your orders at our Neon Marl headquarters in Bedfordshire. This enables us to offer a truly bespoke and personalised service. You can rest assured that your products are printed with love by our dedicated team.

We utilise a vinyl print technique to produce our multi-colour neon and metallic signature print designs. Don’t be alarmed if sometimes the vinyl can look a little wrinkled after washing. This is completely normal and is a result of the vinyl printing technique adopted.  Vinyl is a stable material and your garment is stretchy which is what causes the wrinkling.

The Neon Marl team are living breathing advocates of the brand. Between us, we own 100’s of Neon Marl products and have a few handy tired and tested tips up our collective sweatshirt  sleeves to enable you all to get the best experience from wearing, washing and ironing your products.

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Your Neon Marl garments all come with detailed aftercare instructions. We highly recommend that you follow these directions to ensure longevity and best maintenance of your items. 

A few tips! Be sure to turn the garment inside out before washing on a 40-degree cycle. You can line dry or put your garment into the tumble dryer selecting a cool tumble.



Should your Neon Marl garments retain wrinkles after the washing and drying process, these can easily be removed by using a hot iron. 

We recommend placing your iron on the cotton setting and covering the vinyl design with a piece of parchment or greaseproof paper before you start. You can now position the iron plate directly over the design and glide the iron across the garment. 

The wrinkles should disappear and your Neon Marl products will look as good as new!